Tayside Trophy 2022

Tayside Trophy International Skating Competition 15&16th October International Competitors & 17th-19th October Club International (beginner – senior)

We look forward to welcoming you all

Entry forms can be found here as soon as published

Final Entry lists and results will be shown on the sportity app so please download

Closing Date Friday 30th June 2022, However we reserve the right to close entries early should the competition fill up and will post here and our facebook page to advise when entries close


Rules as per announcement

Music Upload Links

Beginner Girls  Beginner Boys
L1 Girls  L1 Boys
L2 Girls  L2 Boys
L3 Girls  L3 Boys
Basic Novice Girls Under 13
Basic Novice Girls 13 and Over
Basic Novice Boys Under 13 
Basic Novice Boys 13 and Over
Intermediate Novice Girls Under 15
Intermediate Novice Girls 15 and Over
Intermediate Novice Boys Under 15
Intermediate Novice Boys 15 and Over
Advance Novice Girls Short Under 15
Advance Novice Girls Free Under 15
Advance Novice Girls Short 15 and Over
Advance Novice Girls Free 15 and Over
Advance Novice Boys Short Under 15
Advance Novice Boys Free Under 15
Advance Novice Boys Short 15 and Over
Advance Novice Boys Free 15 and Over
Junior Ladies Short
Junior Ladies Free
Junior Men Short
Junior Men Free
Senior Ladies Short
Senior Ladies Free
Senior Men Short
Senior Men Free
Pairs (short & free) 


Practice Ice Can be booked here

Competitor List